Bye Sallie Mae

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Since you were a youth you were probably told to go to college so you could get a well paying job and be successful in life. The problem is no one ever went into the details about the price rage that was associated with the degree that was meant to propel you forward in life. The average student graduates with $37K dollars in student loan debt which makes this a 1.4 trillion dollar crisis in America! S


The Joneses

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Imagine enjoying the day with family and friends or perhaps taking your dog for a play day at the dog park to celebrate life's small victories. Inevitably so,  you take out your phone to see what your friends have been up to lately. Scrolling through your news feed you notice"Mr. Jones" has just posted a picture of his shiny new ride along with the hashtag #winning.  You keep scrolling only to see "M


The Truth About Student Loan Forgiveness

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Have you ever been surfing the web and came across an ad that reads -"Click here to sign up now to have all your student loans forgiven"-boy if it was only that easy we would all be on cloud 9.  Although most of these ads are misleading--there are some government approved programs that can help save you money. Is your dream to become a teacher for primary or secondary school? If so, you co


Ep. 001 Real Estate Investor -Marcus Dillon(@marcus_dillon)

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Today, I am joined by my mastermind partner Marcus Dillon.  We discuss the importance of creating passive income, when is the right time to depart from corporate America in order to pursue your dreams, and so much more.  If you are a hustler or want to become one, I'm certain you will find much value in this episode. Follow @marcus_dillon on Instagram for more information.


Ep. 002 How I Built This-$91K Net Worth

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This is the first episode of 2018 and I wanted to start off on a more personal note.  I discuss in detail my journey of eliminating $30K in total debt in 96 days and what it took to build up my net worth to $91K.  Student loans are a heavy burden on many individuals, especially millennials but it doesn't have to be apart of your financial life forever.  Now is the time to get financially educated, b