Ep. 003 A Better Way to Pay for College with Abby Chao(@collegebacker)

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On this episode I was joined by Abby Chao, COO of CollegeBacker to discuss a better way to save for college using a 529 savings plan.  We discuss how important it is to start saving early – even if it’s just a small amount and how you can use their program to help maximize your savings. At CollegeBacker, you also have the option of getting other family members involved to contribute to your child


A Rant on Financial Literacy

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Today I wanted to rant about the miseducation of personal finances in America today.  A lot of us are a product of not being educated on some of the fundamentals of financial education and what it means to build wealth not only for ourselves but generations to come. There is a dire need for the school system to embrace and provide much needed courses on such a vital topic.


Ep 005. Graduate Survival Guide(@anthonyoneal)

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On this episode I am joined by Wall Street Journal National best selling author of the book“The Graduate Survival Guide” and Ramsey Solutions Personality,  Anthony O’neal.  We discussed the real cost of student loan debt, the effects of wanting to keep up with the Joneses, and how middle school and high school students can better prepare to attend college without assistance from Sallie Mae.


Ep 006. Dr. Jenn Pays Off $1.9 Million Dollars in Debt(@dr.jennmd)

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Today's episode is nothing short of an epic journey with Dr. Jennifer Miles-Thomas, MD FPMRS aka Dr. Jenn MD.  She is a physician, author, and speaker who successfully conquered $1.9 million in total debt! Dr. Jenn discusses why its important for doctors to become financially fit and take control of their money. Her story is truly amazing and I'm certain this will have an impact on your "what's possib