Meet Our Coach

Mary A. Wheeler

Ramsey Solutions Master Coach - Her Personal Story

After high school Mary decided college would be her next step-the only thing is she didn't receive any scholarships nor could her parents afford to pay for her degree. So with no other plan in place she did what everyone else was doing around her and borrowed the money from Sallie Mae. All $27K of it. Although she primarily borrowed the money for tuition, she also used the money to assist with living expenses, books, transportation etc. After graduating, she not only had a degree but $27K in Student Loan Debt.

According to USAToday, Americans owe $1.3 trillion dollars in Student Loan Debt! That makes student loans the second highest contributor in the national debt pool. These statistics are very alarming and now is the time to chip away at the ice burg. Mary is motivated now more than ever to help you create a plan to help pay off your Sallie Mae loans or other debts and achieve financial freedom like she did! She is passionate about helping people reach their personal financial goals in order to change their family's legacy. Mary received her financial coaching designation from Ramsey Solutions and holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in Marketing from Mississippi State University.